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International enterprise

Voka Limburg - Chamber of Commerce and Industry offers first-line advice to entrepreneurs who want to export, and also provides training to prepare you for the international market. For any questions about certificates of origin or the ATA carnet, please contact our export desk. 

“We firmly believe that international business and foreign investment strengthen the Flemish economy.”

Entrepreneurship in Flanders  

Voka Limburg -Chamber of Commerce and Industry is part of the Flemish employers' organisation Voka. This was established in January 2004 out of an alliance between the Vlaams Economisch Verbond (VEV) and the 6 Flanders Chambers of Commerce and Industry, which together represent 18,000 small, medium-sized and large businesses.  

> 3100 member 75% of the added value in Limburg 75% of the employment in Limburg
> 70 employees 18.730 followers on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter) > 20 mandates in local regional organisations



Christine Thonnon

Christine Thonnon

Adviseur internationalisatie