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Voka - Limburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry follows up on all your individual and collective dossiers with the authorities and interest groups. We represent your interests, and use convincing arguments to discuss the problem areas and requirements with policymakers. Does that sound too abstract? Our policy vision is concisely outlined: International resilience, personal advocay, smooth mobility, strong logistics, working together, room for enterprise.

In figures

Since 2021, companies have been able to refocus on regular business. Voka – Limburg Chamber of Commerce provided a total of 2,890 advisory opinions to entrepreneurs. The number of Covid queries fell by a whopping 46%. But, moving on from Covid, we find ourselves stranded in Brexit issues, the Russia-Ukraine war, and the energy crisis. Once again, we are your loyal partner to help you with all your questions, from A to Z.

  • 2,730 advices in total
  • +250 advices concerning crises (Brexit, Covid, Russia-Ukraine...)
  • 22 Mandaten in Limburg & Flanders

In practice

International resilience

Through a strong local and international network, we make your voice heard within local councils, interest groups, advisory councils, regional consultations, committees, and in local consultation sessions on specific themes, as well as at the Flemish, federal, and international level.

Personal advocacy

Do you have a question or problem related to permits or subsidies? Looking for a suitable location to expand your business activities? The employees of Voka - Limburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry will be happy to help you with a tailor-made solution.

Smooth mobility, strong logistics

Limburg is strategically located within the Euroregion. But we are not reaping suff icient benefits from this due to poor infrastructure. Voka - Limburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry is therefore putting the improvement of our transport options by road, rail, and water high on the political agenda – through the press as well as through direct contact with policymakers.

Working together

There will be no economic growth without the right people. We must therefore guide our unemployed people towards the right jobs. But that alone will not suff ice. The huge group of inactive people, who are not looking for work at the moment, must also be activated. We have suggested a range of reforms to make this happen. It is also crucial to prepare our young people for the labour market in the best possible way. We do this by promoting technical courses, making ‘dual learning’ the best form of learning, and removing barriers to further education.

Room for enterprise

Our vision of creating space to do business is clear. Limburg is a green province, but this should not stand in the way of our development opportunities. The optimal and strategic use of the available space will allow industry and nature to comfortably coexist.


Cathérine Dreesen

Directeur internationalisatie & innovatie