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Export desk

Voka - Chamber of Commerce and Industry Limburg follows up on all your individual and collective dossiers with the authorities and interest groups. We represent your interests, and use convincing arguments to discuss the problem areas and requirements with policymakers. 

Consular advice

The consular service is a structured courier service provided by Voka – Limburg Chamber of Commerce for companies exporting from Limburg. This courier service provides both export documents and the necessary additional visas. This ‘signature’ can be delivered either by an embassy or consulate of the destination country, as well as by other bodies based in Brussels. 196 documents delivered (2022)

Global Sign 

Digital signatures are created and verified with Digital Certificates. Today, both the international and Belgian legal communities have draft ed legislation ensuring that digital signatures are as binding and universally accepted as their handwritten variants. If you want to sign a message or carry out a secure transaction, you need your own unique Digital Certificate. 52 verified digital certificates (2022)

Certificates of origin 

The export desk pools expertise and services in international business and is your point of contact for all questions related to certificates of origin, consular services, or ATA carnets. The total value of goods fluctuated, and there were various peaks and troughs between 2021 and 2022. Aft er an eventful period, we ended up at 21,251 certificates of origin issued in 2022 with a commodity value of €1,228,385,540.06.

international enterprise

ATA Carnet

The ATA carnet is a uniform customs document that allows you to temporarily import goods into non-EU countries or equivalent territories that are members of the ATA network, for a specific type of use, without paying customs duties and/or taxes. The network of Voka Chambers of Commerce is authorised by the government to issue these ATA Carnets, and is also internationally designated as the guarantor organisation.

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Cathérine Dreesen

Directeur internationalisatie & innovatie