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Members of Voka – Limburg Chamber of Commerce are keen to hear each other’s stories and experiences. This is why Voka – Limburg Chamber of Commerce off ers various opportunities for our members to connect through events and networking.

  • 54 Networks in Limburg
  • 2,120 Network member in Limburg
  • 36 Global ambassadors


Entrepreneurs often chart the same course and avoid the same hazards more than once. Voka - Limburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry unites them in 54 networks that focus on sharing experience and expertise. These are tailored to your expertise or enterprise. Voka’s networks can be divided into three categories: business leader networks, themed networks, experience networks. 


Voka - Limburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry off ers entrepreneurs the opportunity to meet in specific settings. It does so with a range of exceptional events that are unique in Limburg and to which a ‘Vokaward’ is linked.

Missions and foreign delegations

Not only do we talk about opportunities abroad, we also eff ectively scout abroad to learn from global frontrunners. The focus lies on interesting regions with potential, or those that could be inspiring for our economy. Conversely, we are happy to welcome foreign delegations to our Huis van de Limburgse Ondernemer to introduce them to our province, knowledge, unique incubator network, and thelargest professional network in Limburg.

International cooperation and diplomacy

We regularly invite diplomats to our governor’s off ice to discuss bilateral. Collaboration at various levels over VIP lunches or during meetings. We also have an International Corner every year when we bring international Ambassadors together at our New Year Invitito. Lastly, we have various international cooperation agreements with chambers of commerce in the EU, as well as with the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade.

Global Ambassadors

Mercurio Global Ambassadors is an exclusive network of entrepreneurs or management team members who have a good foreign network and/or experience, and thus form a sounding board for other entrepreneurs. The Global Ambassadors can off er a route to promoting the internationalisation of our Flemish companies by forming a bridge between the local and international network. They are committed to helping other Limburgers expand internationally.


Cathérine Dreesen

Directeur internationalisatie & innovatie