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Prijs Ondernemen

Vote for your favourite

Vote for your favourite for ‘Prijs Ondernemen’ (the Entrepreneurship Award) 2020 


Since 1987, this year for the 34th year in a row, Voka - Mechelen-Kempen Chamber of Commerce has been awarding the Prijs Ondernemen. First in the Kempen, and since the merger between Voka - Mechelen and Voka - Kempen, for both regions together. Since 2013, the winner is one of the nine companies that won the Voka Local Award in its region earlier that year. Each of the nine local entrepreneurial networks of Voka - Mechelen-Kempen presents an annual award to one of its members. Since Voka's members are very diverse, in terms of sector and size for example, there is also a great diversity between the winners.  

Yet the common denominators stand out. The nine companies, and the winner of the Prijs Ondernemen in particular, are an example of entrepreneurship. This not only translates into good figures and growth. They also demonstrate courage and ambition, an innovative capacity, a distinctive corporate and HR culture, internationalisation, corporate governance and sustainable entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship that pays off and contributes to prosperity and well-being in our region. Entrepreneurship that we are proud of and that inspires. 

These 9 winners are eligible for the Prijs Ondernemen from Voka Mechelen-Kempen that will be presented on Thursday evening 17 September 2020. In addition, they are also eligible for the Prijs Innovatie (Innovation Award) 2020 of Voka - Mechelen-Kempen 2020. Your vote counts. This public vote counts for 1/3 of the points. The other 2/3 will be given by a jury of professionals, each with their own expertise. 

The 9 winners are

  • BelOrta
  • DiBO
  • Emergo Group
  • Heylen Group
  • Narviflex
  • PFL
  • Q-lite
  • Vosschemie Benelux
  • Wicreations

Voting is possible from Wednesday 1 July to Monday 31 August 2020. The vote closes at midnight. Every vote that is cast afterwards will not count. We will present the results of the vote to a bailiff who will draw up an official report. You can cast your vote by clicking on the button below.


Partners Prijs Ondernemen

Partners Prijs Ondernemen


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