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  • Working in Belgium

Annual salary increases are often controlled by an industry collective agreement and pegged to local cost of living increases. In Belgium, your salary may depend on your age. Salary levels rarely appear in job advertisements, the desired age range will give you an idea of what an employer is willing to pay.

Taxes in Belgium are higher than what you may be used to in your home country. 

working in Belgium

Many employers pay a 13th month ‘bonus’ to their employees; a few even add a half of a 14th month’s pay to that, usually payable at the end of the year. This year-end or Christmas bonus (prime de fin d’année/jaarpremie) should be incorporated into your contract if you’ve been quoted an annual salary. 

In Belgium, you’re entitled to a holiday (vacation) bonus of 92 per cent of a month’s salary, normally paid during the summer or whenever you take your main annual holiday.  


Davy Maes

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