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  • Taxes and social security

Income tax

In Belgium the national registration number (Rijksregisternummer/NN) that is assigned to you when you register at the town hall is also your tax number. You do not need to request a tax number separately. 

If you are working and living in Belgium the rule is that you have to pay income taxes here, depending on the length of your stay. Your gross salary will be taxed. Sums will be deducted from the gross amount. Apart from income tax you will also need to pay regional tax (by province) per household. You will receive a separate bill for this. 

Note that officials working for the European Union are not subject to Belgian taxation, and expats working for foreign companies established in Belgium are entitled to a favourable taxation scheme. 

Social security

Belgium has a well-developed social security system. Social security agreements exist between Belgium and many other nations, including all EU countries and the USA, whereby expatriates may remain under their home country’s social security scheme for a specific period. Everyone living in Flanders also needs to pay an annual contribution to the Health Care Fund (“Zorgkas”). Your yearly contribution is 50 euros (or 25 euros with a reduction). 


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