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Zakendoen met Egypte

Zakendoen met Egypte

Handelsactiviteiten ontplooien in Egypte? 
Leer de Egyptische economie kennen aan de hand van inspirerende sprekers, en ontmoet gelijkgezinden!

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Op 19 juni is er in de voormiddag een korte infosessie over zakendoen met Egyptische bedrijven.
Er worden presentaties gegeven door o.a de burgemeester van Gent, Matthias De Clercq, H.E. the ambassador of Egypt, de directeur van het economisch departement Gent, Els De Leeuw,  een Vlaams bedrijf actief in Egypte,... 


  • 10.00 am.         Welcome word by Geert Moerman, CEO of Voka East Flanders
  • 10.10 am.         Mathias De Clercq, Mayor of the city of Ghent
  • 10.25 am.         H.E. Khaled El Bakly, the Ambassador of Egypt
  • 10.35 am.         Yahya Elwathik Bellah, Minister Plenipotentiary, Head of the Commercial Office, Embassy of Egypt
  • 10.40 am.         Rafik Attia, The Chairman of EBBA, the Egyptian Belgian Business Association 
  • 10.50 am.         Presentation on the economy of Ghent by Els De Leeuw, director of the economic department of the city of Ghent
  • 11.10 am.         Presentation on the economy of Egypt
  • 11.30 am.         Testimony by a Flemish company active in Egypt 


  • Geert Moerman
  • Mathias De Clercq
  • H.E. Khaled El Bakly, the Ambassador of Egypt
  • Yahya Elwathik Bellah, Minister Plenipotentiary, Head of the Commercial Office, Embassy of Egypt
  • Rafik Attia, The Chairman of EBBA
  • Els De Leeuw


Ondernemers, geïnteresseerd in zakendoen met Egyptische bedrijven.


Meer info & inschrijven via Ilse Cottenie

EBBA members participating in the business trip to Belgium 2019


Egyptian Co./Field of Activity


Fields of activity that the member wish to develop in cooperation  with Belgian companies

1. Mr. Rafik Attia

Foreign Trade Association:

Supplying of chemicals & production lines, equipment for chemical and pharmaceutical industry & special production.

Looking for Suppliers in:

Production lines for chemicals & pharmaceutical industries

2. Mr. Samir Younes

Business Arab Consultants:

Import new steel, aluminum, copper & melding casting & rolling plan Metal

Looking for suppliers and cooperation in the fields of:

Metallurgical industry, equipment – spares and consumables.

Recycling of industrial waste.

Zinc and aluminum producers and or traders/stock holders.

3. Eng. Ibrahim Moustapha


Electronic, communication, power alarm, security, ups. Raw materials & Industrial

Looking for suppliers and cooperation in the fields of:

Security fields

Clean Energy

4. Mr. Mohamed Gawish

Gawish Import & Export Co :

Supply of Chemical raw materials for chemical, food and pharmaceutical chemicals.

Looking for buyers as well as  Producers in the fields of :

Industrial and pharmaceuticals chemicals.

Raw materials

Food ingredients

Buyers of agriculture products mainly semi dried dates.  

5. Mr. Mohamed Rashad

 El Sondoss Co. For Wood products and Manufacturing:

working in the field of Supplying wood products 

Interested to meet companies in the fields of :

woodworking equipment

Machines and hand tools such as modern cutting machines, new and used

6. Mr. Ashraf El Abhar

Bayt El Khebra Tax Consultancy

Looking to meet with the Belgian company :

LOYENS & LOEFF Office for Taxes Consultancies and attorneys to discuss the cooperation in the field of international taxes

7. Mr. Mohamed Soussa

Free Trade :

-Export of metal scraps & Alcohol refineries products.

-Import of Stainless steel raw materials & Agro Chemicals

Looking to meet producers and exporters in the fields of:

Agro Chemicals

Bio fuel

Looking also to meet buyers of metal scrap

8. Mr. Sherif El Sirgany

Sirgany Jewels Group:

Gold manufacturer, retail Jewelry, Diamonds & Precious Stones


Looking to cooperate in the field of :

Grading and Diamond trading

9. Dr.  Magdy Hegazy

Pharma Art:

Importing & local distributing of anti – cancer Generic Medicines

Looking for suppliers in:

Anti – cancer Generic Medicines


10. Eng. Tarek El Far

Flex- Trade:

Printing materials and technology (large format printing machines, materials for printing, textiles and self-adhesive films).

Looking for suppliers and cooperation in the fields of:

Printing materials

Printing machines

Suppliers of Screen printing equipment

11. Mr. Raafat Sabry

Three Brothers for Hotel Supplies:

hotels supplies such as mini bars, safe box, hairdryer, heating pad, sunbeam, trolleys, accessories, and kettle with tray

Looking for suppliers in the field of 

Room Hotel Supplies such as:

(Safety Boxes, Minibars, Iron, Welcome Kettles, Bathroom accessories, Sun beds and Hairdryers, etc..).

12. Ms. Amal Maher

Three Brothers for Hotel Supplies:

hotel supplies , hotel managements, and contracts

Looking for suppliers in the field of 

Room Hotel Supplies such as:

(Safety Boxes, Minibars, Iron, Welcome Kettles, Bathroom accessories, Sun beds and Hairdryers, etc...).

13. Mr. Monir Shafik

Egyptian French Co. for hotel Management (Egyfrance):

Tourism & aviation

Looking to cooperate with Belgian companies in the fields of :


Aviation companies

14. Mr. Abdullah Gad

Nile Vet


Looking for suppliers and to represent Belgian companies in the fields of:

Veterinary pharmaceutical products

Feed additive products

Vitamins/minerals premix products

Liquid nutritional supplements


Disinfectant products

Pet animal products (vet pharmaceutical and care product)

15. Mr. Mohamed Aziz

Top Vision

Works in Aviation ground handling

Looking to cooperate with Belgian companies in the field of:

Private jets operators

Aviation global assist

Aviation ground handling providers

Aviation catering and equipment suppliers

16. Mr. Ahmed Aly Morsi

Abou Aly Trade

Textiles and Trade

Looking to cooperate with Belgian companies:

Textiles buyers

Textiles Suppliers

17. Mr. Ahmed Mansour

Remal Mining Co.

Mining (Silica sand)

Looking to for Belgian Companies in the field of:

Buyers/importers of raw materials including Silica sand

Glass manufacturers using silica sand

Looking also for restaurant chains who can give franchises

18. Dr. Sherif Badawi

B.Chem Consultants & Agents:

Research and technology support throughout Egypt, Africa  and ME, helping local manufacturers  to develop and expand as well as markets study

Looking for:

Suppliers of raw materials for the chemical Industry.

Companies interested in getting market studies about the Egyptian market in this field.

19. Eng. Mohamed Kamal Olama

El Gezirah Farms & nurseries:

Technology Transfer in the field of Germination  & growing of ornamental young plants-Raw materials for the production of food supplements -FMCG

Looking for :

Companies supplying semi-automatic glass water bottling line. Capacity to be of 10000 350cl bottles per 8 hours shift. Glass bottles will be supplied by a 3thd party.

Companies manufacturing manual packing line for berries (strawberries, blueberries.).

This to be made according to EU norms and regulations. As this production is targeting the EU market, from Ukraine. As Ukraine has an agreement with the EU for agricultural products. 

20. Mr. Khaled Morsi


Buyers and manufacturers of chemicals

Looking for Exporters and suppliers of:

Solvents for paint and oil industries.

Oil and gas chemicals.

Paper chemicals.

Line filling to industries as mentioned in the website.

Pipes and valves for oil and gas upstream and downstream

Blending, toll and contract manufacturing for chemical companies who wants to produce locally in the company’s manufacturing facilities.

21. Eng. Mohamed Zekry

United salt Egypt

Manufacturers of different types of salt (Table, chemical, Industrial, etc..)

Looking for :

Buyers of salt (different types and purposes)

Buyers of fresh vegetables and fruits


In samenwerking met

Embassy of Egypt


Lammerstraat 18
9000 Gent



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