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Product Managers in SaaS

Digitalisering, IT & Technologie

Are you a product manager or CPO in a SaaS company and are you eager to learn from your peers in an atmosphere of cooperation built on trust? In this unique learning programme we bring together product managers from different SaaS companies in Flanders to exchange knowledge and experiences among each other with the goal to grow together. 


Why this programme

Our program is designed to help you develop your skills, expand your knowledge, and grow as a product manager at a SaaS company. By joining our cohort, you will have the opportunity to learn from others, share your own experiences, and connect with a community of like-minded professionals.

Join us and take your product management career to the next level!

Session format

In each session, we will have a small group of product managers who will share their business challenges and successes, and who will benefit from the collective wisdom and experience of their peers. Per session we focus on one topic (discover our proposal below). 

Keynote by experts

Each session will feature an expert speaker who will provide valuable insights and advice on the latest trends and best practices in SaaS product management. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss your own challenges with the speaker, and learn from their experience and expertise.

Case studies & testimonials

Additionally, as a participant, you will have the chance to present a specific case and/or a testimony. You will receive feedback and advice from the expert and your peers.

Programme mentor

Hannes Van de Velde, Chief Product Officer, In the Pocket

Hannes Van de Velde brings over a decade of hands-on experience in digital product development and management. He's known for converting business cases into globally successful digital products (Bancontact/Payconiq, HLN, Stievie,..) and expanding In The Pocket's product organization. His mentorship in the PM in SaaS programme promises firsthand insights, shared with enthusiasm, aiming to enrich participants' understanding of various product-related topics.

Hannes van de Velde - in the pocket - pm in saas


Kick-off session: The role of the Product Manager in the SaaS industry

This session revolves around you. Your core responsibilities, key competencies and biggest challenges in your role as a SaaS product manager. The aim of this session is to get to know each other and to define the main topics you want to learn more about from each other and experts in the coming sessions.

Next session topic ideas:

  1. Product discovery:

Methods en techniques (theory, reasoning, frameworks), data capturing, how to use that data, lifecycle, how to do continuous discovery, qualitative and quantitative discovery

  1. Product adoption: 

How to measure, how to define success criteria, pricing and packaging (how to set the right price?), the graveyard (when to kill a product?)

  1. Stakeholder management: 

Exploring all stakeholders, internally and externally. How to empower cross functional collaboration? Also, strategies for engaging founders and getting commitment from C-level executives regarding product features. Presenting, negotiation and story telling.

  1. How to scale product engagement: 

How to cost effectively activate customers? Streamline customer success, sales and support. What do you do when other teams don’t read your stuff? how do you manage communication about releases? 

  1. How to build a product strategy: 

How to build a product strategy based on your company mission and vision. How to protect your product strategy? How to balance short term money and long term vision? How make product strategy stick within the organisation? 

Other topics we suggest: product roadmap planning and prioritization, tooling for SaaS product managers, how to find time for R&D, change management within product after M&A, product-Led Growth for SaaS products managing the product development process, gathering and analyzing customer feedback, measuring and reporting on the performance of SaaS products,..

Practical info

Session language

Depending on the spoken language of the participants and/or invited experts, the sessions will be hosted in Dutch or English.

How to sign up

Contact Carolyn (carolyn.bednarz@voka.be) to schedule an intake or book a moment in her Calendly.


550 euros

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550 euro

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