IP & Intellectual Capital


In today’s world 80% of your assets are intangible. That’s what we call Intellectual Capital and Intellectual Property. What seems unimportant today, could in fact be worth millions tomorrow. Therefore, the future success of your business depends on your commitment to those intangible assets. But how do you identify, assess, manage and protect these assets? And what are the consequences for your strategy?

The smart answer would be to join our session on Intellectual Capital and Intellectual Property. A hands-on, practical approach with lots of real-life examples.

The first part will help you:

  •  identify the most relevant route to managing and protecting your intellectual property and your new ideas
  • avoid costly mistakes
  • create value from your Intangible assets and IP

The second part of the session will show how today Intellectual Capital and IP is crucial to a business strategy. These are the things that create most revenue and value for your business. This part will help you:

  • understanding how Intellectual Capital and Intellectual Property should form part of your overall business strategy
  • using your intellectual capital and intellectual property to create multiple revenue streams
  • knowing when and how to identify commercial opportunities offered by licensing and franchising
  • recognising when to seek professional, legal advice

As you might have noticed, this seminar will be held in English.


  • 13.30 u   Welcome
  • 14.00 u   Part 1: Identify and Manage your Intellectual Capital (IC)
  • 15.15 u   Break
  • 15.30 u   Part 2: IC and IP as core of your business strategy
  • 16.45 u   Q&A with Michel Dewolfs, (VP business development @areopa)
  • 17.15 u   Network coffee


Maria Weir

Maria Weir is a lecturer in management at Thomas More.

Michel Dewolfs

Michel Dewolfs is a VP Business Development at Areopa.


Anja Declercq via anja.declercq@voka.be of 02 300 58 02.