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  • Talentcenters, a Chambers of Commerce initiative

Talentcenters, a Chambers of Commerce initiative

  • 25/04/2023

Many students struggle with making the right educational choices. Many employers find it difficult to find employees with the right skills. But there is a solution. Look no further than Talentcenters, a Chambers of Commerce initiative that is transforming the educational system across Europe.


The first Talentcenter was initiated in Graz, Austria, in 2019. Now with three countries participating, there are four Talentcenters across Europe. The Bolzano Chamber of Commerce picked up the initiative and Voka, Flanders' Chamber of Commerce & Industry launched Talentcenters in Belgium, with Mechelen-Kempen and Limburg as their pilot locations.

Kaartje talentcenter

In Mechelen-Kempen, Belgium, the Talentcenter is situated in Technopolis, an experience center for science and technology. In Limburg, Belgium, the STEM Academy of PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts provides an ideal location for the Talentcenter. The hands-on nature of the workshops complements the analytical tests offered at the Talentcenter. Classes can combine both components by taking a day trip to the STEM Academy.

Scientific research

Talentcenters are personalized educational centers that help students make well-informed choices about their education from the beginning. The technology is scientifically backed up by research from the Universities of Graz and Ghent. The Talentcenter also provides a bridge between education and the workplace. 


Join us!

Join us today and help us transform the educational system. Talentcenters are the future of education, helping students make informed choices and develop the skills needed to succeed in the workplace. Contact us today to learn more and join our initiative. Together, we can shape the future.


Tom Laveren

Gedelegeerd bestuurder