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Just starting out as self-employed or a seasoned business owner? You are never alone during your entrepreneurial journey. Voka - Limburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry gives advice, organises training courses, and puts you in touch with experienced experts.

  • + 1000 Participants in 2022
  • 267 Participants in international topics
  • 44 International coachings


(Executive) Training

We have an academy that can rely upon years of experience. Experienced trainers, interactive learning moments, and a well equipped training venue are the basis for a quality training off er. Moreover, we work together with different faculties, such as Solvay Business School QUINX.


Voka - Limburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry keeps its finger on the pulse of an ever-changing market. That is why our Chamber Academy is here for you with a quality training off er! Still haven’t found what you were looking for in our open off er? Or do several people within your company need the same training? Then we off er In-company training, tailored to your business.

Business clubs

Business clubs are for professionals who look to the future. Our interactive and inspiring pathways, providing between 6 and 10 sessions at progressive host companies, off er masses of inspiration in terms of innovation and international business. By the end, you will have a vision that will allow you to take that next step. We have a total of five business clubs: innovation, strategic sourcing, artificial intelligence, smart warehousing, and scouting industry 4.0.


Voka - Limburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry organises sponsorship projects where an experienced entrepreneur guides a fixed group of 15 SME company managers and decision-makers for a full year, during monthly sessions. Above all, they provide the group with encouragement and support to exchange as many experiences as possible.

Individual coaching

You are not alone in your growth and your change. Voka - Limburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry unites like-minded people, and from this synergy, it builds a pathway where the exchange of experience is
central. And you can always fall back on an experienced contact person or like-minded group members. You can always keep expanding your knowledge in the form of high-level management courses.


Would you like to start your own business? Or have you already started, and are ready to scale-up to the next level? Then Bryo is for you. This path guides you through every stage: from idea to start-up to scale-up.

Advisory support

International trade & export desk

Voka - Limburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry provides first-line advice to entrepreneurs who want to export, and it also organises training courses that help you prepare for the international market. Our export desk is your point of contact for all questions related to certificates of origin, consular services, or ATA carnets.


Do you have an idea for a startup? Or are you just getting your business off the ground? Voka - Limburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry off ers various guidance programmes for start-ups.


Strengthening the fabric of Limburg’s family businesses is one of the spearheads of Voka - Limburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It helps owner-entrepreneurs with their problems and assists them with transfer dossiers.

Innovation & digitalisation

Entrepreneurs need to anticipate and constantly innovate their products and services. Voka - Limburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry works with them to identify innovative improvements and optimisations.

Sustainable growth

Embedding sustainability in your operations is a smart move because companies that commit to sustainable business are more resilient, more eff icient, and manage to retain more talent! Voka - Limburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry helps you on your way.

Labour market & education

Voka - Limburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry supports you by focusing on HR and education to stimulate economic growth within the company. Whether this involves firming up an inclusive
HR policy, or implementing dual learning, or the promotion of technology, we are here to help.


Cathérine Dreesen

Directeur internationalisatie & innovatie