Webinar@Voka: Export to China


Getting your products onto the shelves and protecting your IPR! 

Before starting exports to China, the seasoned export manager of an EU SME has to gather intelligence data about a number of issues paramount for success.

During this webinar you will acquire such crucial knowledge prior to starting the exports, thus saving time and money. It is not only knowing if your product or service can be exported to China, but also these often forgotten topics often are of high importance:

  • which sort of competition can you expect in there
  • how to find the sales price of similar products
  • where to search for market information regarding the category of the product
  • how to conduct a store check
  • how to know your importers involved
  • which fair or exhibition better fits with the interest of the EU SME

Another crucial aspect that EU SMEs should pay attention to is making sure their Intellectual Property (IP) rights are protected in China. If intellectual property has not been protected in the Chinese jurisdiction, there is potential for major financial consequences as counterfeiting and other IP infringements. Thus, it becomes clear that effective protection of trade marks, patents, designs, copyright and trade secrets through filing, registration and enforcement is important for the success of your business in China.

This webinar gives a basic overview on how EU SMEs can best protect their IP in China. Our IPR expert will provide you tips and red flags for designing a robust IP protection strategy in China.

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Contact Petra Van Bouwelen via petra.van.bouwelen@voka.be or (+32) 015 45 10 20. 

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